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Starting with services NOT available:

1. With certain exceptions I do not work on equipment that does not contain vacuum tubes!
2. I do not refinish radio or television cabinets. Mechanical repairs only.

I perform the following services:

Repairs to original operating performance of the following:

Home radios, table models, consoles (see notes below) and battery portables. In the case of battery portable radios, custom electrical supplies are available so as to allow the radio to operate from regular household electrical power.

Please note: I am familiar with and perform repairs on EUROPEAN radios.

Amateur Radio Equipment:

Specializing in repairs to Hallicrafters, Drake and Johnson transmitters, transceivers and linear amplifiers.

Amateur Radio and general Short Wave receivers:

Hallicrafters, Drake, Hammarlund, Heathkit, RCA Radio Marine, National and others with a manufacture date later than 1936. (I don't work on things older than I am!).

Commercial equipment related to the broadcast industry:

Transmitters, monitor receivers, control boards, turntables, tape recorders, amplifiers, etc. Mixed solid state and vacuum tube equipment.

I also repair and rebuild Telrex Rotators.

Test equipment:

Vacuum tube based Hewlett Packard, Tektronix, B&K (U.S.), Heathkit, Eico, Pace, Panoramic, and may other brands.

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