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1948-1952 Hicksville High School

    1.    Radar and Related Systems:

    United States Air Force: Armament Systems Personnel Research Laboratory.  A.S.P.R.L. (OJT) Denver, Colorado. Training included Radar and related bombing/navigation systems.
    Raytheon Co, Selenia Radar Group, Copenhagen, Denmark. 
    Canadian Marconi Corporation, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
    U.C. Berkeley, Solid State Arrays (Antenna systems-Radar).  Continuing updates by various manufacturers vis-a-vis military systems sold to foreign governments.
    Decca Radar: New York City; Transar (Solid State deep-sea systems) including True-Motion and collision avoidance.
    Radar Devices, Inc. ARPA-1 System.

    2.    Loran:
    Enac-Triton (D-X Navigator) systems.  San Francisco, CA.
    Raytheon Co.: Eppsco Loran System.  San Francisco, CA.

    3.    Communications Equipment, R.F. (HF/VHF/UHF/Microwave)

    Teletype Corporation.  ASR/KSR 28,32, 33 Teletype equipment.  Chicago, IL.
    Northern Radio Corporation, Seattle, WA: S.S.B. Radio systems and technology.
    Harris Corporation, R.F. Communications Div., Rochester, NY. Harris civilian and foreign salable military communications systems including SSB/HF, VHF, UHF, TROPO Scatter, Satellite; Voice (Digital and Companded systems) Data, (digital /FDM and TDM), Video.
    Ennes Educational Foundation: SBE Engineering Seminar
    Motorola: MSF 5000 UHF/VHF Base with Secure. Schaumberg, IL.
    Various supporting seminars and courses in the following related areas:
        Propagation theory and forecasting. University of Lethridge, Canada
        Antenna Arrays and Systems.
        The Design of Single Sideband Systems.
        Frequency Modulation, (Motorola, CMC/Kaar, Raytheon, and R.F. Communications Division of Harris Corp.)
        Digital Design Technology relating to frequency synthesis.
        Solid State Radio Frequency Amplifiers
    Digital Data Transmission (via wireless systems).
        Wireless carrier systems applying to security and fire detection and alarm systems.
        Digital Signal Processing, fundamentals.

    4.    Sonar, ASDIC:

        Simonssen Radio, A.G. (Simrad), Oslo, Norway. Simrad ASDIC fish finding systems. Digital enhancement techniques.
        Raytheon Co., Seattle, WA., and Massachusetts:   Echo sounder equipment.  General systems and equipment.
        Doppler Digital speed Log System.
        Honeywell Corp.: Side-scan Sonar Systems.
        EDO: Echo sounder systems.
        Atlas-Werke (Krupp) Echo sounder systems.
        Related seminars and courses:
            Acoustic propagation parameters for underwater detection systems.
            Sub-bottom echo-sounding techniques (for seismic applications).
            Variables introduced by Density Interfaces in Underwater Acoustic Propagation.
            Transducer Design Criteria.
            Digital signal Processing for Echo Return Improvement.
            Military Applications of Sonar, ASDIC and Hydrophone Listening Systems.

    5.    Steering and Direction Indication Systems:

        Sperry Gyroscope Systems: Various courses, seminars.
        MicroTechnica: maintenance school.  San Francisco, CA.
        Anschutz Gyroscopes:  New York, Maintenance.
        Plath, A.G.: Maintenance. Hamburg, Germany.
        Related seminars and courses:
            Gyrostatics and Rotational Motion.
            Interface Techniques: Gyroscopic Navigation Equipment to Digital Computer Increase Vessel control and Data Recordability.
            Bi-Axial Gyroscope Systems: Theory and Advantages.
            Military Applications of Inertial Navigation System.
            Stabilization Techniques for Non-Stable Platforms.

    6.    Miscellaneous:

        M.A.R.A.D. Navigation School (Electronics), San Francisco, CA.
        Decca Navigator System.  Decca, Ltd., London, England.
        Minicomputer Systems, Digital Equipment Corporation, San Francisco, CA.
        Transient Averaging by Computer; Technical Materials Corporation, Meridan, Connecticut.
        Modulation Techniques, Which One?  PCM, PDM, PPM. Denver, CO.
        COMSAT - Marisat School, Clarksburg, MD.
        Tektronix; Digital Modulation Techniques.
        Tektronix; Signal Processing Capabilities.
        ISCO (International Security Conference: Dallas, TX).  Various seminars on the subjects of security and fire safety devices, systems and applications.
        Sencore: Switch Mode Power Supplies.        
        Motorola: MC68HC11 Microcontroller; Schaumberg, Ill.
        AMX: Introduction to AMX        
        AMX: Axcess Programming I, II

Professional Experience:

1990-2003    Clinical Engineer, Television Services, Biomedical Engineering Department, Texas Children's Hospital.

1989-1990    Senior Electronics Technician, (E.T. III): Department of Physical Plant, Baylor College of Medicine. 

1969-1989    Principal (Owner, President) W. David  Paperman & Associates; Telecommunications Associate  International, Inc.; the W/p Group.; Houston, TX

1969-1969    Independent Service/Design technician.

1968-1969    Senior Service Engineer - Electronic Marine Products, San Francisco, CA

1966-1968    Senior Service Engineer - Island Electronics Services; Kodiak, AK

1964-1966    Principal Engineer, Proprietor – Industrial Electronics Services; Houston, TX

1962-1964    Consultant and Service Engineer – B&H Electronics; Long Island, NY

1960-1962    Senior Technician – Marine Electronics Services, Inc.; Houston, TX

1958-1960    Senior Service Technician – Sound Systems, Inc.; Houston, TX

1957-1958    R.C.A. Service Co.; Los Angeles, CA

1956-1957    Audio Center, Inc.; Houston, TX

1954-1955    U.S.A.F. -  Armament Systems Personnel Research Laboratories.

Professional Societies and Committee Memberships:

    Licensed by the Federal Communication Commission   
    American Radio Relay League (ARRL) ; Life Member
    American College of  Clinical Engineering (ACCE) *
    Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
    Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)*
    Society of Cable Television Engineers (SCTE)*
    Society of Broadcasting Engineers (SBE)*
    American Hospital Association (AHA) Committees on Spectrum Procurement for Wireless Medical Telemetry Service
    *Inactive since retirement.


Food and Drug Administration; Commissioner’s Special Citation; CDRH Wireless Medical Telemetry Task Force; May 2001


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Peer Reviewed publications; Contributing Author:

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